Johore Recipe Beriani - JM Bariani House Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya

Johore Recipe Beriani - JM Bariani House Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya
Delicious Beriani, Malay Johor Recipe

Delicious Beriani-JM Bariani House Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya

Family Meals where everyone has delicious favorites ........fully air-conditioned, sofa seats, spacious, alfresco, bright & cheery & children friendly

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Authentic Beriani Johor Recipe
New Puchong Outlet

Nasi Beriani Ayam Beriani Kambing Beriani Daging Mee Kari Laksa Utara Cakes Desserts Fresh Fruit Juice and Lots more Delicious menu ...

for bariani set for PJ area (with min order of RM50) & FREE delivery outside PJ/Klang Valley area (with min order of RM200).
We also provide catering services for private functions (house parties/ birthdays, majlis berbuka, Raya open house, family gatherings & class reunions etc) as well as for corporate events.
Give us a call at 013-355 0143 or mobile 017-221 7977 for details.


Beriani Gam Johor- Very Delicious at JM

The beriani Gam are available on Wednesdays (chicken) and Saturdays (mutton). They are limited specials for those two days and are available in limited quantity. The recipe is only from Johor and really the smoothest of beriani cuisines.

Nasi Beriani Gam Ayam
Fluffy Ample Soft Rice with Meat, egg & potato half, really delicious

Come early on Wednesdays & Saturdays if you want to enjoy this delicious beriani.

The Beriani & A'la Carte ; after raya diversions.

Recipes of delicious local dishes at JM Bariani House Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya are the house own, offering delicious array of diversions to cater for different tastes. Most that came has become regular clients and now a favorite for their 'makan makan' after raya with friends and family, to break the taste of lemang and ketupat raya.

Our Irresistable Kuew Tiaw Goreng Udang
Kueh Tiaw Goreng Udang

Udang Petai

Nasi Goreng Belacan
Nasi Goreng Belacan

The pictures above show the quality of dishes at this Malay restaurant. While Petaling Jaya donot have many Malay restaurants that serves authentic Malay dishes and local fairs, JM Bariani House PJ19 serves the famous JM beriani rice and very high quality local dishes in a comfortable spacious dining halls which are children friendly and conducive for business meals.

JM Bariani House Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya
B-06-01, Dataran 3-Dua, Ground Flr,
No 2 Jalan 19/1,Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel/Fax: 03 79602070 & 017-2306613


Delicious Cakes & Desserts from Petaling Jaya Malay Restaurant

Petaling Jaya has few choices of good Cakes & desserts. It's a surprise of many when they taste western desserts at JM Bariani House Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya. Although a Malay modern restaurant, they serve very delicious cakes & desserts to compliment their beriani and other Malay main dishes from the a'la carte menu.

a taste you won't forget!
Great Tasting Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Ice cream Cake at dessert corner...
Compliments Any Meals

vanilla chocolate chips ice cream cake
Vanilla cake with Chocolate Chips in cold ice cream

triple choc cake...Three Times Delicious of a chocolate cake

rich and creamy cheese cake
Creamy Cheese in this Mini Cheese Cake

desserts corner...
Array of Homebaked Desserts with Surprising Good & Tasty

JM Bariani House Section 19, Petaling Jaya
Malay food restaurant with free beriani delivery service.

Desserts at JM Bariani Restaurant Petaling Jaya

Creme Caramel, Carrot cake, Brownie and Chocolate cake are among desserts
that are favorites at JM Bariani House Petaling Jaya.
These Mouth watering desserts are homebaked using high quality
ingredients to bring out the taste.

Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel is delightful light dessert. Just melt in yr mouth..home made by this Malay restaurant.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cakes are good with coffee during breaks or as desserts after a meal of nasi Beraiani.

Bread Pudding

Smooth creamy bread pudding with a slightly more body. Cream & vanilla taste.

Chocolate Cake

Anytime desserts, the chocolate cake is almost everyone's favourite.

Samples of desserts at JM Bariani House Petaling Jaya, great desserts after the beriani meals. The restaurant opens for dining from 11.00am to 10.00pm daily.


Malay Food in Modern Comfort -Open for Lunch & Dinner

The Malay Restaurant in Petaling Jaya Section 19, the JM Bariani House PJ, the latest Restoran Melayu of a middle class restaurant. It opens for Lunch and Dinner. The restaurant is with air conditioned halls, sofa seats along the walls, comfortable seating area which are spacious and brightly lighted for cheery dining atmosphere.

Spacious & Comfortable setting..

There are not many Malay Restaurants that open for dinner in Petaling Jaya, hence this beriani restaurant is welcomed by the Petaling Jaya residence, for family dining comforts and excellent food quality.
Fully Air conditioned and bright

Parents having the beriani dine in comfort as their young children enjoy the a'la carte selections and tasty desserts homebaked by the restaurant.

Great place for meeting friends and meals with the family.

This restaurant provides services to the residences of Section 19, Section 14, Section 15 and housing areas of Seapark, Jalan Universiti and even Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Getting there is easy with the landmarks such as the Armada Hotel, Axis Tower, Menara Merais, Lisa D'Inn, the Rothman roundabout, the Mesjid Bulat at Jalan Semangat and the TOYOTA main PJ workshop on Jalan Dato Abdul Aziz.

Definitely a must try, the JM Bariani where the beriani is so smooth, delicious with tender succulent meat dishes. The Laksa is a definite must if you yearn for Penang or Kedah laksa, while the kids will enjoy the beriani as the spice is mild but tasty and they will enjoy the desserts as well. Fresh squeezed fruit juices compliments the beriani, while the Air Sirap Bandung is delicious and 'quenchy'.


The Nasi Beriani (s) at JM Bariani Petaling Jaya Selangor ( a Malay restaurant)

Nasi Beriani Kambing

The mutton beriani was how beriani first started by the Persian. Until today, beriani Kambing/lamb is favorited by beriani lovers in Malaysia. At JM Bariani House Petaling Jaya, the mutton beriani comes without the 'goaty' smell but it is very tender & delicious.

Beriani Gam Ayam

The Beriani Gam version is when the meat get cooked inside the rice, hence all the goodness of taste from the meat stays and smoothen the rice. This cooking style came from the Malays from the state of Johor, by their more experienced beriani cooks. The Beriani Gam comes every Wednesday & Saturday at JM Bariani House. A must to try.

Beriani Daging

For those who wants meaty bite in their beriani, the beriani daging which is beef in mild beriani recipe, compliments the rice perfectly.

The Ayam beriani, Ayam masak merah and Ayam Goreng Berempah are other choices which are delicious and favoured by JM's customers.

If you stay around Petaling Jaya or Taman Tun KL, do take your family for dinner at JM Bariani House Petaling Jaya. It's near the round Mesjid at Section 14 and situated across the Toyota workshop. (see the map)


Petaling Jaya's Best Malay Restaurant (Restoran Melayu Petaling Jaya)

The beriani here at the JM Bariani House Petaling Jaya is the best. No doubt about it,in the category of Malay Beriani Recipe.
Testimonials are plenty as this new brand of Malay food surfaces in the Klang Valley with phenomenal success. There are now over 13 branches in the Klang Valley within the last two years. A steady growth for a Malay network of franchise.

Nasi Beriani Johor is so delicious

People who have enjoyed the beriani talk about it in the Facebook and in social media. The Malay recipe of the beriani ( also called bariani, biryani, baryani, beriyani) seems to flourish from the southern state, Johor, Malaysia. The recipe must had been brought by the Arab traders to Singapura (now Singapore) and get adapted by the locals with locally grown spices & herbs.

Trained employees giving their best

JM Petaling Jaya serves Lunch and Dinner

Located across the Toyota workshop of Section 19 PJ

Now, this delicious beriani is available in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, with the opening of an outlet at the Section 19, Petaling Jaya, by Annsweet Success. It's situated 200 meters behind the Section 14 round Mosque (Mesjid Bulat), across from the Toyota P.J workshop.

With this new Petaling Jaya ( PJ) outlet, the areas of Section 19, Section 14, Section 17, Section 13, SS 2, SS 3 and the University Malaya Hospital is now served by a Malay restaurant which is middle level restaurant (modern, airconditioned and brightly lighted) with delicious Malay Beriani of Johore recipe ( Beriani Melayu Johor).

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